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Ube (Purple Yam)

Ube (Purple Yam) Ice Cream: Ube is the Philippines’ best source of native desserts and a staple food for celebrations. The purple color attracts not just your eyes but your taste buds too. Better known as Purple Yam outside the Philippines that is now attracting attention in the global market. Tastes like milk chocolate with a nutty and creamy flavor. (Allergen: milk)

Buco Pandan (Lactose Free)

Buco Pandan Ice Cream: The dynamic green color truly catches your eye and makes you wonder how it tastes. Surprisingly, Pandan is a leafy add-on to rice, cakes, and other desserts in the Asian region namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam. Now added in Coconut milk makes it a lactose free dessert to enjoy. (Allergen: milk)

Savoring the Flavors of Creamy Ube and Lactose-Free Buco Pandan

As the sun-kissed shores of the Philippines meet the vibrant streets of Europe, a delightful fusion of flavors is taking place, and it’s all thanks to Manong Sorbetero Filipino Ice Cream. This Filipino ice cream brand has captured the essence of Filipino cuisine and culture, offering a unique and delectable experience to ice cream enthusiasts in Europe. Two of their standout flavors, Creamy Ube and Lactose-Free Buco Pandan, showcase the diversity and innovation that Manong Sorbetero brings to the world of frozen treats.

Experience Manong Sorbetero Flavors Today​

Manong Sorbetero brings the heart and soul of Filipino cuisine to Europe with their mouthwatering ice cream creations. Whether you’re intrigued by the enchanting flavors of Creamy Ube or seeking the refreshing delight of Lactose-Free Buco Pandan, Manong Sorbetero has something special for every palate.

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Luneta Ice Cream

You asked we listened!  Manong Sorbetero Ube (Purple Yam) Ice Cream is smooth and creamy while Manong Sorbetero Buco Pandan Ice Cream is LACTOSE-FREE.Enjoy the native coconut pandan flavor without the milk.

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“A Couple” of Ideas in Life and Business

No Shortcuts There are many couples who embark on different entrepreneurial adventures, especially in the world of small and medium-sized businesses. For some, they are able to make it, and for others, for various reasons, eventually let go of their dream. It is challenging indeed to find that life partner and at the same time, your business partner with the same vision and values as yours. Take it from Rhea Topacio and Dennis Rogacion, a Pinoy entrepreneurial couple from the Netherlands who tell us that there are no magical shortcuts to success and entrepreneurial achievement, real entrepreneurs who started their businesses in a practical way, working their way up, and providing quality products to their customers in different countries. Their entrepreneurial initiatives as a couple mean a tremendous amount of hard work but in return give them a sense of fulfillment. Their distinctive driving force and love strengthen their synergy as they share life and dreams together.

“The only way to get started is to learn how to do something right, plan well and start working”, said Rhea.

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